The right to conscience for WA pharmacists is in the final stages of being denied!

Six Ways YOU can help:

1)    Go to the Board of Pharmacy Public Testimony Rules Hearing
     rule from becoming official.   

   Public Rules Hearing
   Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 9:15am
   Renton Community Center, Renton, WA           
   For more information click HERE.

2)   Spread the Word:
  Contact the Board of Pharmacy.

3)   Contact the Washington State Board of Pharmacy:  
      Even if you attend the Board Hearing,  please send a message or letter to the  
Board of Pharmacy.  Your letter
will be considered.

--> Reject the Draft Rule proposal.

-->  State specific problems and issues in the Draft Rule Proposal.

-->  Support Washington pharmacists' right to conscience.  

Washington State Board of Pharmacy
Department of Health

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5)    Support us:
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6)  Send E-mails, letters and make phone calls to:
                   Letter Writing Guidelines


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Take Action!!
Protecting the right to live and act according to one’s conscience.
Let your message
be heard by many!!

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