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Public Testimony Rules Hearing      

Thursday, March 29, 2007  at  9:15am
Renton Community Center                            
Directions:  HERE
1715  SE Maple Valley Highway                     Meeting Agenda: TBA              
Renton, Wa 98057                             
Information Flyer:  HERE

Please make every effort to attend the Public Testimony Rules Hearing!!

    rule from becoming official.   

If the Draft Rule becomes official it...

  the license of pharmacies who do not fill, on demand, drugs that
  cause abortions and other drugs that ever become "legal" to use i.e.
  Physician Assisted Suicide, etc.

  pharmacists unable to fill medications that cause abortions.
   Your prayers and presence is needed!  

Action Needed:

The WA State Board of Pharmacy composed a Draft Rule that impinges on this
right, for WA pharmacists.  However, before this Draft can become official, a
Hearing needs to be held, to consider public concerns regarding this Draft.  

Come, support us in NUMBERS at this Hearing, whether or not you testify.

WHO?  Presence of all supportive family & friends, whether or not they testify.
HOW?  Sign-In at the door.  To testify, indicate on the sign-in sheet.  Sample
testimonies available.  Please
Contact Us.  

Unable to come?  Submit comments via e-mail: wsbop@doh.wa.gov,
fax: (360) 586-4359, www3.doh.wa.gov/policyreview  or
HERE.  What you say
need not be long or complex, just simple and straight to the point.  Your
comments WILL make a difference!  
Need help? Questions?  Contact Us.

Meeting Ground Rules:

or accusations;
has been 2 minutes.
Board during this time, but it is recommended that this material be
mailed prior to the meeting so they have time to review it.  

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