Current Federal and State Laws protects the right to conscience.  Planned
Parenthood and the Northwest Women’s Law Center (NWLC) have been persistent
in their efforts to oppose conscience protection and have presented their position
to the Washington State Board of Pharmacy (which has rule making and disciplinary
authority for pharmacists)and the Governor's office.   On June 1st, 2006, the
Washington State Board of Pharmacy wrote a
draft of rules to address these
concerns.  This first draft of rules they composed on June 1st, supported current
Federal and State Laws that currently protect pharmacists' right to conscience.  

Due to pressure by Governor Christine Gregoire, Planned Parenthood and the
Northwest Women's Law Center, the Washington State Board of Pharmacy voted to
approve proposed rule language, by the Governor and the special interest groups.  
This newly proposed rule is
Pharmacies Responsibilities WAC 246-869-010.  In addition,
changes are to include proposed amendments to
WAC 246-863-095 Pharmacist's
Professional Responsibilities.  This newly proposed rule does not support the right for
pharmacists to live and act according to their conscience.

This is a coordinated national effort to silence conscience which is being promoted
by certain interest groups.  These groups and the media have made the issue about
Plan B, the so called ”morning-after-pill”.  Despite wide accessibility to Plan B,
through Planned Parenthood, internet overnight delivery, doctors’ offices, clinics,
and many pharmacies, groups are trying to force all Washington pharmacies to
dispense Plan B. Plan B is also sold over-the-counter, without a physician’s

Plan B can prevent implantation of the human embryo, thus, causing an abortion.  
Current WA State Law states, “No person or private medical facility…may be
required …in any circumstances to participate in the performance of an abortion if
such person or private medical facility…objects to so doing.  No person may be
discriminated against in employment or professional privileges because of the
person's participation or refusal to participate in the termination of a pregnancy.“
(RCW 9.02.150)  The WA State Board of Pharmacy is considering a draft rule that
impinges on this right for WA pharmacists & pharmacies.   However, before this draft
is adopted or amended, a hearing will be held to hear public comments regarding
this draft.

Take action to protect conscience NOW!

A Conscience Clause IS:

according to current federal and state laws.
while refraining from participating in the patient’s decision when it      
violates the pharmacist's conscience.  
Currently, there is a shortage of pharmacists in the United States.  Without
protecting the right to conscience of our pharmacists, pharmacists will be
forced out of the profession, pharmacies will close down (most especially
critical in rural areas), others will be prevented from entering the profession,
thus, further increasing the shortage and causing a true lack of access to

A Conscience Clause is NOT:

birth control, emergency contraception (a.k.a. morning after pill, PlanB), or
abortion medications


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The REAL issue
Protecting the  right to live and act according to one’s conscience.

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