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Welcome to, the only website serving the profession of pharmacy as a totally 100% pro-life philosophy! All the pro-life pharmacy news and information that is fit to print and that the "drive-by" pharmacy media choose to ignore or misreport.

"The Pharmacists for Life International site, for example, in addition to having an incredibly sophisticated web design...." --radically bigoted and intolerant abortoholic website, "Feministing", accessed 16 Jun 2008 AD...thanks, girls!

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308,000,000 estimated deaths since Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton
Estimated killed by all means: chemical, mechanical and surgical abortion since 1973

ExceptionsCalculator...see how exceptions kill preborn babies
            "It is not possible to anesthetize the conscience, for example, when it comes to molecules whose aim is to stop an embryo implanting or to cut short someone's life... I invite your federation [of pharmacists] to consider conscientious objection which is a right that must be recognized for your profession so you can avoid collaborating, directly or indirectly, in the supply of products which have clearly immoral aims, for example abortion or euthanasia..." -- Pope Benedict XVI, address to Catholic Pharmacists, 29 Oct 2007 AD        || "Conscience has rights because it has duties..." --John Cardinal Henry Newman..        || Embryology of the new human being confirms humanity of the preborn....        || Basic primer on genetics, cloning and other manipulations of molecular genetics....        || Told ya so: FDA & Plan B manufacturer Barr admit it's an abortifacient....        || From the Clinton Library & Massage Parlor: Mifepristone [Mifeprex] approval was paramount for Der Schlieckmeister and his admin as payback to the Abortion Industrial Complex....        || PP's Racism in Action with LA Advocate's expose' videos...        || Klan Parenthood's Report: $1+ Bill in revenues, $114 Mill PROFIT....290,000 killed by surgery....1.4+ Mill killed by chemical abortion        || PFLI exclusive expose of FDA MedWatch program failures, deaths from abortifacient OCs (9.4Mb)        || Human Life International has documented more than 8,519 acts of violence        || JAMA article: patients' own stem cells provide diabetes treatment, no patients KILLED!...        || Hippocratic Oath makes a comeback; register now...        || Pres. Barrie Hussein's record against the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act        || Pres. Barrie Hussein's abortoholic record since assuming office 1/20/09...        || Women have the right to know there are two breast cancer risks associated with abortion. All experts recognize first risk- that abortion denies women an opportunity to reduce their risk for breast cancer through childbearing. Scientists only debate the second risk - known as the "independent link."...        || Eight medical organizations and a bioethics journal recognize the independent link - that abortion leaves a woman with more cancer-vulnerable cells than she had before she became pregnant. An additional medical group, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has called for "full disclosure" of a "highly plausible" relationship between abortion and the disease...        || Overwhelming evidence of a cause-effect relationship is supported by... 1. A biological explanation which scientists have been unable to disprove and do not challenge. 2. A study on rats. 3. Epidemiological research...        || Scientists began extensive research on the abortion-breast cancer link in 1957. Why didnít the government and cancer fundraising businesses want women to know about the existence of this research? If they cared about womenís health, they would have revealed their research to the public...        || According to the "Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer (1973-1998)," published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2001, only the youngest of three generations - the Roe v. Wade generation - suffered a more than 40% increase in breast cancer cases since the mid-1980s. These were women young enough to have had access to legal abortions starting in 1973. The increase in breast cancer rates didnít take place among women from the two older generations that couldnít obtain legal abortions...        || The U.S. National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collaborated on the report. Two of the reportís authors had conducted earlier research showing that abortion increases breast cancer risk, but that research and the word "abortion" were omitted from the report. The reportís authors expressed no interest whatsoever in preventing breast cancer. [Howe et al. Jrnl Natl Cancer Inst (June 6, 2001) Vol. 93, No. 11, Figure 3]...        || Two American women have succeeded in prosecuting their medical malpractice lawsuits against abortion doctors, who failed to warn them about the risks of breast cancer and emotional damage. Neither of the women has yet developed breast cancer...        || Post-abortive women are being deprived of a window of opportunity to adopt strategies to reduce their risk for breast cancer, seek early detection, and join clinical trials. Theyíre denying abortion-bound adolescents and young women their rights to make informed choices about their health care... ||

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Scholarly Papers

PFLI Code of Ethics for Pharmacists - Adopted 10 May 1989

Pope Paul VI - Encyclical Humanae Vitae [On Human Life] , 25 Jul 1968

Irving - "Identical" Twins Are Clones Formed Naturally And Artificially By A-Sexual Human Reproduction, Copyright 13 Jan 2019

Hippocratic Oath (traditional, translated from the Greek)

MD bill would promote immoral and unethical Rx dispensing - Frank Nice, RPh, DPA, PFLIMD regional coordinator

The Real Risks of OCs: Doctor makes case to NOT use so-called "oral contraceptives" - 2 August 2012 AD

Other Medical Uses for the Abortifacient so-called "Birth Control" Pill 10 April 2012 AD

Nice - Medications and breast-feeding: Current concepts, JAPhA Jan-Feb 2012

Brauer - Selling the Pill: How the Pill Works

Noesen - Synthetic Hormonal Use in Humans and Emerging Risks to the Environment; new article on the effects of abortifacient estrogens polluting water sources with 17-alpha-estradiol, a certified Class A carcinogen by the CDC, 18 Jan 2010

Irving - Update on Scientific Definitions For Use In Legislation On Human Cloning And Other Genetic Engineering Research, Copyright 26 Feb 2005

Irving - Collation of sources of successful Adult Stem Cell Studies August 2005

MPR Chart - Drugs in Pregnancy Category A and B

MPR Chart - Vaccinations and Pregnant Women

Wilks - Pre-Implantation Abortion by Chemicals

Wilks - Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Breast Cancer

Brauer - Selling the Pill

Wilks - Effects of OCs on the Endometrium

Anderson - Study links folate levels in pregnancy to ADHD in children, 3 Nov 2009

Alarcon - Freedom to Refuse (speech)

DuPlantis - The Pill and its Effects on Drug and Nutrient Depletions

Wilks - The Pill and its Pharmacological Effects on Implantation (Nidation)

DuPlantis - The Pill: A Human Time Bomb

Irving - A Reponse to the Canadian CIRH Re: Stem Cell Research

Irving - The Bioethics Mess

Wilks - HRT and Oral "contraceptive" potencies compared

Koch - Paula Koch's testimony before the Kansas Senate committee reviewing a Pharmacist's Conscience Clause - Mar 26, 2002

Alarcon - Pharmacist's Conscience Clause resolution proposed at the 110th annual general meeting of the British Columbia College of Pharmacists - Nov 3, 2002

Colson - Wilberforce, Slavery and Abortion

Irving - What is Bioethics? Fake Science, Fake Philosophy in the Culture of Death


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