Welcome to the PFLI Store!

Welcome to the PFLI Store! PFLI is the only pharmacy association which is exclusively 100% pro-life, total protection, no exceptions!

You can do the following here at the PFLI Store: *Order literature, pamphlets, books and other publications of PFLI. * Order vitamins and sundry items (for use by non-profit Pregnancy Help Centers ONLY!) * Enroll as a NEW member of PFLI * Renew your PFLI membership * Send us your questions, comments and compliments (or constructive criticism) * Make a most needed and gratefully accepted donation of any amount Welcome to PFLI's Store area where you can securely place your order for literature, products, enroll as a member or renew your membership dues, vitamins and supplies (the latter is for CPCs only). We have tried to keep the shopping area simple but functional. Feel free to send us your comments on how we can improve or enhance this area for your shopping convenience! *Challenges or disputes to your credit/bank card of a bona fide order that are deemed punitive or vindictive in nature by PFLI, and are unrelated to the actual order contents or processing per se, shall be charged back a processing fee of $25.00. * To use an order form and mail in your check, click here---> PFLI CPC Order Form
Any questions or concerns, kindly e-mail us
*Products for use by a CPC can be shipped ONLY to a business/commercial address, not a residence per Terms of Sale. NB: Exceptions to this rule will be charged a shipping surcharge passed through from our commercial shipping service. * Per demand of the State of Ohio Tax Dept, we need your federal tax ID number (nine digit number in format XX-XXXXXXX) on file or we will have to charge you OH sales tax of 7.25% on your order. Please include this federal tax ID number with your FIRST order or email it to us: . We need this number only ONE time from you for our permanent files. * Thanks for your support and understanding! Back to HOME PAGE of PFLI