FDA Approves Watson's Abortifacient Next Choice as Plan B One Step Generic

Columbus, OH -- PFLI E-News -- The FDA has given final approval to Watson's Next Choice generic equivalent to Teva's abortifacient Plan B One Step, PFLI E-News has learned.

The dose of the levonorgestrel in Next Choice is significantly higher than in a single so-called birth control pill, but it prevents or ends a pregnancy the same way that birth control pills do. It is thought that Next Choice works with one of the following mechanisms of action:

  • Release of oocyte from the ovary (ovulation)
  • Preventing oocyte from being fertilized by the sperm
  • Preventing Implanting of the newly created human baby to the uteruine wall

Next Choice can terminate an existing pregnancy when operating under the latter mechanism of action. It will often do so with the latter since it is used often after conception or fertilization occurs.

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