PFLI is the oldest and only professional pharmacy association uniquely dedicated to the pro-life principles: total protection, no exceptions. We firmly hold to the time-honored tradition of pharmacy as a healing art and science, promoting well-being and restoring health. Medications are a gift to be used wisely, and not to destroy human life. We fully support a pharmacist's right of conscience to follow their sincerely held religious, moral or ethical dictates of their properly formed conscience.


It is not the role of government nor outside parties, including employers, to persecute, obfuscate, obstruct, recriminate or otherwise interfere with a pharmacist's rights of conscience to not dispense, counsel or refer in any situation where the pharmacist's rights of conscience may be violated. Pharmacists are highly trained (minimum 6 years in the USA) health professionals who can think for themselves, and are not glorified order takers as erroneously held by abortoholics and other parties.


For more info on conscience rights please see http://www.pfli.org/main.php?pfli=conscienceclausefaq