Subject: PURELL - mounting lawsuits for false hand “sanitizing” claims
From: Dianne Irving <>
Date: 3/24/2020, 07:38

[Note: just fyi, one has to also wonder if the “hand sanitizers” currently being produced by private companies who usually don’t make it will also be totally useless??  Will they also end up fighting massive lawsuits?   It has long been known that alcohol kills bacteria, but that it does NOT kill VIRUSES (unless it is 96% alcohol) See:  FDA to Purell: Stop claiming your hand sanitizers eliminate Ebola and the flu”, at:;  also, the World Health Organization’s guidelines for making hand sanitizers require 96% ethyl alcohol.” ...  Below are search results using Google;   see similar results on News Search.  --  DNI


--  Google News Search, “Purell” “lawsuits”, at:




Maker of Purell accused of 'misleading' customers in class-action lawsuit

GOJO, the maker of Purell hand sanitizer, is facing two class-action lawsuits accusing it of "misleading claims" that it can prevent "99.9 percent of illness-causing ...

NBC News3 days ago


Purell maker GOJO hit with class-action over 'misleading' customers

The manufacturers of Purell hand sanitizer is facing a new class-action lawsuit accusing them of “false and misleading” claims.

USA TODAY3 days ago


Akron-based GOJO Industries falsely marketed Purell as ways to prevent infection, viruses, lawsuit says

Akron-based GOJO Industries faces several lawsuits — with the most recent filed Friday — over its marketing of the effectiveness of the Purell hand sanitizer ...

cleveland.com8 days ago


Lawsuit Filed Against Hand Sanitizer Company

ClearanceJobs is your best resource for news and information on security-cleared jobs and professionals. Learn more with our article, "Lawsuit Filed Against ...

ClearanceJobs6 days ago


Target Sued, Man Claims Hand Sanitizer Won't Kill Coronavirus

Target has a target on its back, legally speaking ... the retail giant is being sued over the effectiveness -- or lack thereof -- of its store-brand hand sanitizer to ...



A Small Hand Sanitizer Maker Says an FDA Action Could Force It to Close

Consumer Reports says an FDA action could force hand sanitizer maker to close, noting that legal fight involves claims about hand sanitizers that other brands, ...



Hand Sanitizer Companies Sued For False Germ-Killing Claims - The Ring of Fire Network

A California woman says that she and other consumers were misled about the effectiveness of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a recently lodged Germ-X ...

The Ring of Fire Network15 days ago


Purell faces class action over an answer in its FAQ section

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) - Purell's marketing of hand sanitizer has led to a class action lawsuit filed by consumers who say they were misled by ...

Legal News LineLast month


Lawsuit against hand sanitizer complains that killing 99.99% of germs won't prevent disease

The maker of Purell hand sanitizer is misleading the public about the benefits of the product in protecting against the spread of illness, according to a consumer ...

Legal News LineLast month


Coronavirus Consumer Protection Class Action: First Up - Germ-X

In what will likely be the first of many consumer protection lawsuits involving the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a group of California consumers filed a federal class ...

Lexology7 days ago


GOJO, maker of Purell, hiring at Cuyahoga Falls, Wooster plants due to increased demand because of coronavirus

Akron-based GOJO Industries, maker of Purell, is hiring additional employees at its plants in Cuyahoga Falls and Wooster to further ramp up production of hand ...

cleveland.com7 days ago


Germ-X Maker Sued Over Coronavirus Protection Claims

Germ-X can't protect against the coronavirus, but the company that makes the popular hand sanitizer has falsely claimed that it can fight off the ...

Law36018 days ago

Purell Draws FDA Warning & Lawsuit For Disease Prevention Claims

GOJO Industries, the maker of Purell hand sanitizer, needs to clean up its advertising act according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA ...

The National Law ReviewLast month


Once coronavirus fades, global businesses are set to face new danger: a wave of lawsuits

Businesses are scrambling to see if their insurance policies cover disruptions caused by the virus. Governments are reviewing their quarantine powers.

Fortune20 days ago


AG seeks to stop hand sanitizer, disinfectant price gouging over coronavirus

New York Attorney General Letitia James issued cease and desist letters to two stores for price gouging on hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays amid the ...

New York Post14 days ago


COVID-19 Update: Consumer Class Action Filed Over Hand Sanitizer Claims

Yesterday, we blogged about the FTC and FDA's joint warning letters to seven companies that claimed their products could treat or cure coronavirus…

Lexology13 days ago


Advertisers Beware: Regulators Cracking Down on False Coronavirus Claims

When diseases become newsworthy, advertisers may be tempted to profit, claiming that their products can help prevent, treat or cure the disease. Some.

Retail & Consumer Products Law Observer7 days ago


Purell Sued For Claiming Hand Sanitizer Prevents Flu, Ebola

The maker of Purell made claims that its hand sanitizers can prevent diseases such as the Ebola virus and the flu despite a lack of scientific evidence backing up ...

Law360Last month


Purell Under Investigation for Misleading Statements That It Prevents the Flu and Other Viruses

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP today launched an investigation into the conduct of Gojo Industries, Inc. for false and misleading statements in connection with ...


Gojo gets warning for saying Purell protects against MRSA, flu

The FDA on Jan. 17 sent a warning letter to Gojo Industries over false marketing claims the company made about its Purell hand sanitizer products, reports CNN ...

Becker's Hospital ReviewJan 28


FDA Warns Purell Over Disease-Prevention Claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to GOJO Industries, the maker of Purell hand sanitizer, telling the company to stop…

LexologyJan 31