Pro-life group surveys Irish pharmacists on ending dispensing of abortifacients
Exclusive to PFLI PharmFacts -- 12 Dec 2013 AD -- HLI Ireland, which is led by pro-life pharmacist and author Patrick McCrystal, announced today it is sending out a national survey of Irish pharmacies to gauge the level of interest and current practices of pharmacies not engaging in the sale of abortifacients such as the so-called "morning after pill" Plan B or common so-called oral "contraceptives" (OCs) which are often abortifacient as well.
HLI Ireland has launched a sister website directly addressing some of the issues encountered by pharmacists wishing to practice by their sincerely held morals and ethics. It includes template letters, testimonies and referencing of drug literature which validates the abortifacient nature of the named drugs, such as Plan B and common OCs.
Pharmacies wishing to be certified as 100% pro-life and be listed can contact PFLI for further information. There is no cost attached to this service, the only one of its kind by a professional pharmacy association. For further info please visit PFLI's website.

Human Life International (Ireland)
Thursday 12th December
Survey to be published on abortifacients in Pharmacies
An unprecedented survey arrives in EVERY pharmacy in Ireland today and tomorrow, North and South.
“The morning-after pill and abortifacients are chemical warfare on unborn children” said Patrick Buckley, Chairman of Human Life International (Ireland).
“This survey aims to map which pharmacies do not dispense these deadly drugs.”
Of the 14,000 supporters on Human Life International’s database, many have pledged to travel long distances to patron pharmacies which do not deal in these drugs. 
“We are constantly asked if we know of even one pharmacy in the country which doesn’t deal in these abortifacients.”
“We decided to do something about it” he said.
The pharmacy mailing, funded by supporters of Human Life International (Ireland) includes the testimonies of three pharmacists who ceased dispensing these drugs on conscientious grounds.
“We are inviting pharmacists who have ethical qualms about dispensing abortifacients to contact us – confidentially if they wish” he added.  “The evidence is that more contraception leads to an abortion culture.  Many do not wish to be part of this.”
“Our Executive Director, Patrick McCrystal, is a pharmacist who paid a heavy price of unemployment for 3 years for refusing to participate.
"We plan to inform our supporters of the results of this survey for THEIR local area.”
Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are invited to a special dedicated website for scientific and ethical perspectives. 
Details of the survey are included on website.
For More information: 
Rep of Ireland 094 93 75993 / or 087 2305709    N. Ireland 028 90923357
Human Life International (Ireland), Guadalupe Centre, Main Street, Knock. Co. Mayo.
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