PFLI calls for full disclosure of ArchCare Plan's

Drug Formulary

Columbus, OH – 28 May 2013 AD – Responding to the press release from the NYC Archdiocese today, PFLI has called upon the Archdiocese to tranparently disclose the full formulary list of drugs that are covered, regardless of copay tier or other clinical edits, by the ArchCare plan.

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) will typically have a list of drugs that are considered “preferred” by a plan, resulting in a generic or preferred brand name copay for the patient, and lower costs for the plan. They also typically include non-preferred brand name drugs at a higher copay (tier) and Specialty drugs.

In this way, all parties can ascertain whether or not so-called “contraceptives” and/or abortifacient drugs are in fact covered or not covered by a plan such as ArchCare.

PFLI submitted a request to the Archdiocese communications director, Joseph Zwilling today. So far, PFLI has not received a response. Stay tuned....developing....


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