Dallas – 2 June 2012 – PFLI Exclusive -- One block south of the busy Dallas intersection of Greenville Avenue and Northwest Highway, Planned Parenthood proudly operates a clinic where preborn children are surgically assassinated on a daily basis. 


On the morning of Saturday June 2, 2012, 20 prolife advocates assembled on the sidewalk here to alert the public that birth control pills can also be fatal to the preborn and harmful or even deadly to the women who use them.


The demonstrators were a very diverse group, from the young to the old,

veteran sidewalk counselors, including members of STOPP and other

local associations. 


Also present was Andrew Eells, RPh, Texas Coordinator for Pharmacists

For Life International.  The Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

were prayed in English and Spanish.  Many people accepted

literature and gladly spoke with the counselors.  May God bring fruit from

the seeds that were planted.


PFLI is the only professional pharmacy association that is exclusively and total 100% protection of the innocent preborn, regardless of biological stage or locale of residence including the womb. PFLI has been a cosponsor of the “Pill Kills” day in early June for several years with the American Life League.

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