Subject: [Pflienews] PharmFacts E-News Update: PFLI joins in local Rosary protest at killing center in Columbus, OH; Vatican criticizes US bishops on abortion

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 17:48:06 -0400

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PharmFacts E-News Update -- 26 Mar 2009 AD

PFLI joins in local Rosary protest at killing center in Columbus, OH
PFLI joined in a local peaceful Rosary protest at an infamous Columbus, OH abortion mill today.
Some nice pics of the Rosary protest held today Mar 26th in steady rain, in front of Complete Women's Care,
5888 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH.

Rosary was led by Fr Andre LaCasse, OP, Pastor of St Patrick's Catholic Church, downtown Columbus.
The killing center is sandwiched by St John Chrysostum Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church and a chapter of Heartbeat International, Pregnancy Help Decision Center. Directly across the street from the killing center is
a freemason temple.  It is ironically fitting that an anti-Catholic "synogogue of Satan"--as Pope Leo XIII called them--would be in the pall of a center filially devoted to the prince of this world.

The large question is why does Mt Carmel Hospital System, part of Trinity Health, still to this day
allow privileges at its 4 Columbus hospitals for the abortionists brothers from Complete Women's care,
Mervyn and Melvyn Samuel, MDs?

Peacefully praying the Rosary led by Fr Andre LaCasse, OP   One of the protestors videotapes the event for posterity and as documentation of the peaceful crowd

  Sign of protestor citing the Old Testament                         A young protestor holds his sign for drivers by


A simple message to change peoples' hearts                      Umbrellas show the dozens of peaceful prayerful protestors
                                                                      with a solitary crucifix held up above the crowd during the
                                                                       recitation of the Rosary

Vatican official criticizes US bishops on abortion
Archbishop Raymond Burke, the former St. Louis prelate who now leads the Vatican supreme court, said President Barack Obama "could be an agent of death" if his support for abortion rights becomes a model for leaders in other countries. Burke also said parishioners should press U.S. bishops to withhold Holy Communion from Roman Catholic politicians who back legalized abortion. The archbishop made the comments to pro-life activist Randall Terry in a videotaped interview that Terry showed Wednesday in Washington. "It is weakening the faith of everyone," Burke said. "It's giving the impression that it must be morally correct to support procured abortion." Terry conducted the interview as part of his campaign to persuade the Church to oust American bishops who allow abortion rights backers to receive Communion. He said in a phone interview that Burke knew the goal of the campaign and that the interview would be distributed.
To listen to the interview in its entirety, click this link.

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