Speculation rises of anti-life special interest connections of AG designate Holder

Special to PFLI PharmAid Center -- 19 Nov 2008 -- More research about the fact that President-elect Obama's US Attorney General designate, Eric Holder, is married to an Ob/Gyn named Sharon D.Malone, MD who practices in Washington, DC may have pro-abortion ties, a source has reported to PFLI PharmAid Center. The source investigated her practice's website [www.foxhallobgyn.com] but could not verify if they do abortions.
If Dr Malone's husband, Eric Holder, becomes Attorney General in an Obama cabinet and therefore head of the Department of Justice, the source is sure he and the Justice Department would be very severe on pro-lifers because, if his wife is in the abortion industry, and that Holder has a built-in conflict of interest. Some of his family's income could be coming from abortions performed by members of his wife's medical practice.
For that reason, alone we should dikligently fight against his confirmation, the source continues. The source contacted Congressman Chris Smith's office to see if he can find out more about Dr. Malone. Congressman Smith is the chairman of the congressional pro-life caucus. A call from Autumn Fredericks, Congressman Smith's  assistant for pro-life affairs is anticipated. Many are sure that pro-lifers will be persecuted by the Obama-Biden administration, but this appointment signals that the new administration is going to be "in your face" with its radical pro-abortion and anti-life policies, much as the president-elect chided his followers to do before the election.
Those who voted for Obama should be held fully responsible for all the harm that will be done to the babies and pro-life people as well as the for persecution of pro-life physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and health care professionals, the source asserted.

The source is awaiting a call from Cong. Smith's pro-life assistant to see if Congress wants to vet this man about his income sources that might be derived from the abortion/contraception/sterilization industry. His wife and he are also speculated to be donors and/or members of Planned Parenthood and other anti-life special interest groups. Holder would therefore have a built in bias against the pro-life movement.

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