Nomenclature - era of Barrie Hussein

We hope to here introduce some new terminology to match the anti-life policies and proclivities of the new administration:

Obamanation: any elective abortion, especially those closer to delivery date; also can describe the promised "Camelot" like utopian land sought for by Obamaborts [see below] under a nation which has a dictatorship of the "hopeful" proletariat Obaminating [see below] anyone who bitterly clings to their religion, conscience, morals (especially the Christian variety) and, at times, guns.

Obaminate: to destroy or kill lives not worth living e.g. preborns, newborn infants, useless eaters like Terri Schiavo, etc.

Obamicide: killing a parasite new human baby after the mother has delivered him/her

Obamaborts: abortoholics addicted to the confused misguided notion that their freedom and "choices" are tied to someone else dying from abortion, be it surgical or chemical; this class of creatures usually become agitated, hostile, and hurl obscenities when someone refuses to participate in an Obamanation, regardless how many other individuals are willing to provide "women's reproductive health care" [sic].

Cathol-obamaniacs - "catholics" who voted for Barrie Hussein in favor of their pension plans over the right to life of millions of preborn babies.

Obamanomics - The collapse of the US economy under the tax plan of Barrie Hussein including killing off of millions of future taxpayer citizens

Oborg - the seemingly hypnotized cult follower of Barrie Hussein

We hope to share more of these terms with you soon, to pass along in your communications and to your friends and associates. We especially encourage their use by high school and college students, IM chatters, bloggers and our brave military folks. Any suggestions and new terms are warmly and gratefully welcome.

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