PharmFacts E-News Update -- 18 Sept 2008 AD

PFLI responds to irrational pedantics of extremist abortoholic "professor" PZ Myers ad hominem attacks on pro-life pharmacist Mike Koelzer, RPh:

It appears that pro-life pharmacist and  PFLI spokesman  Mike Koelzer  has crossed paths with the very liberal
Associate Professor of Biology,  P.Z. Myers.   Apparently  Mike's  big offense  was to show  (by offering to make a presentation at Myer's place of worship) that he didn't (according to Myers) "know me very well".
For this grave  insult  of not recognizing the renown of Myers,  small hordes of  Myers' Atheist Acolytes  were sent to Mike's  pharmacy survey page to heap spam onto the website of his business.   This caused Mike a bit of tedium,  from a need to manage the spam,  and caused me considerable  amusement to hear of it. 

Myers, a rather bellicose fellow, apparently in midlife crisis, is known more for obtaining a Blessed Eucharistic Host from a Catholic Church, and desecrating it, than he is for accomplishments in scientific research.   A brief search for his work in Biology  turned up....... well, er, ..... next to nothing.  I understand that  he has had one or two peer reviewed  journal articles, and a little collection of conference presentations to his name.   If you search the Internet, you'll find Associate Professor Myers now bending the ears of students at University of Minnesota, Morris Campus. 

It appears that when this P.Z. Myers  passes on to become fertilizer  (as his own religion might suggest)  he won't be  remembered for actual accomplishments,  and may be recalled by a few  for attempting to anger  Catholics and other people with a vision of the Creator.  

I do sincerely invite  P.Z. Myers  to get a life,  to obtain access to the Creator through the illumination of the Catholic Religion, and perhaps accomplish some significant scientific research.   

Science becomes a very useful tool, for the good of living creatures, when one stops abusing it as a religion.


Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh is president of Pharmacists for Life International, the most fully pro-life pharmacists organization.  Find our politically incorrect site at Pharmacists for Life International truly makes no profit and the officers and staff are volunteers.


18 September 2008
CONTACT: Katie Walker


Washington, D.C. (18 September 2008) – P.Z. Myers, the infamous Minnesota biology professor who incited national outcry after desecrating the Eucharist and photographing the act for his blog, has now unleashed his venom on a new target - Mike Koelzer, a member of American Life League Associate group Pharmacists for Life International.

"Not content with desecrating Catholics' most sacred Sacrament, Myers is once again spewing hate and anger at anyone who would dare proclaim a belief in God or attempt to stop the murder of the preborn," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

Koelzer, owner of Kay Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, stopped selling contraceptive products in 2002. He's been featured in The Washington Post and on ABC World News for his views on abortion-causing drugs.

Myers' latest screed of religious intolerance on his blog Pharyngula incited an all-out internet attack against Koelzer. Threats and hate mail inundated Koelzer's e-mail after he inadvertently sent Myers a speaking invitation.

"I would enjoy speaking at your church or your organization's conference or other event. I also would be honored to have you share my apostolate in your blog etc. To learn more about my apostolate, please see," Koelzer's invitation read.

An outraged Myers asked his blog readers to flood Koelzer's Web site with mail. They replied en masse with over 400 threats of profanity and hate-filled messages including:

"Burn the building to the ground. And have Mike Koelzer sterilized."

"Commit suicide."

"And..... the rumor is you have quite a nice looking butt and if you play your cards right ... well, let's just say, I can be awfully grateful."

"Mike Koelzer is being persecuted for trying to protect innocent human life," Brown said. "We encourage all American Life League supporters to log onto and lend your support to the efforts of this courageous man."

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


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