Subject: [Pflienews] PharmFacts E-News Update: OH SB 174 MUST be amended or voted down, would allow cloning and killing of many classes of babies

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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 08:19:51 -0400

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PharmFacts E-News Update -- 24 Apr 2008 AD #2

ACTION: OH Senate Committee Fortunately Stalls Vote on Human Cloning Bill

April 24, 2008--Ohio's so-called "Ban on Human Cloning" SB 174 has had three hearings and a committee vote has yet to occur in the Senate Judiciary Civil Justice Committee to determine passage to go to vote on the floor of the Senate, Deo gratias.  Even though SB 174 has been under review for a year, publicized, and expert testimony of support presented there has been no vote on the bill.

Contrary to other reports, PFLI entered in written testimony last week to the committee citing numerous areas of the bill that are troubling, including the playing loose and fast with vague and nebulous definitions. Bottom line: the bill would LEGALIZE the killing of a whole class of baby humans who had the misfortune of not being included as a protected class in this bill that has dozens of defects.

ACTION: The Ohio Senate Judiciary Civil Justice Committee meets again Tuesday, April 29, 2008 for possible vote on this bill. Please contact committee members to support passage of Ohio's Human Cloning Ban ONLY if suggested amendments and precise definitions are added to the bill: The bottom line is that the vague and neblous language in the bill makes it a 'clone and kill' bill. 

Supporters of the bill AS WRITTEN AT PRESENT would allow for human life to be created, experimented on and then destroyed. The basic tenet that ALL human life is precious and deserving of our protection, not just some preborn children whom the misguided supporters would protect. The substitute amendment supports this basic value and treats ALL human life with respect not just those lives that are "fertilized" by the conjugal act, or mis-defined with "junk science",  but ALL life even those created by all  means, natural or artificial  (e.g. SCNT, twinning, etc).

Supporters of this bill AS WRITTEN AT PRESENT want to play a game of semantics by trying to use imprecise and "fake science" in the bill. We are not fooled. To reiterate, the bill AS WRITTEN AT PRESENT is a  'clone and kill' amendment. Human embryos will be cloned, experimented on and killed if SB 174 is passed AS WRITTEN. This is unacceptable and we at PFLI strongly oppose it AS WRITTEN AT PRESENT.

For a detailed analysis of the VAST number of defects in SB 174, go to:

If you reside in Ohio find your State Senator by going to:


(Any Senator can be mailed at Ohio Senate, Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, OH 43215)

Sen. Ron Amstutz, , 614/466-7505
Sen. Steve Austria, , 614/466-3780
Sen. John Boccieri, , 614/466-8285
Sen. Steve Buehrer, , 614/466-8150
Sen. Capri Cafaro, , 614/466-7182
Sen. John Carey, , 614/466-8156
Sen. Gary Cates, , 614/466-8072
Sen. Kevin Coughlin, , 614/466-4823
Sen. Keith Faber, , 614/466-7584
Sen. Teresa Fedor, , 614/466-5204
Sen. David Goodman, , 614/466-8064
Sen. Tim Grendell, , 614/644-7718
Sen. Bill Harris, , 614/466-8086
Sen. Jeff Jacobson, , 614/466-4538
Sen. Eric Kearney, , 614/466-5980
Sen. Lance Mason, , 614/466-4583
Sen. Dale Miller, , 614/466-5123
Sen. Ray Miller, , 614/466-5131
Sen. Sue Morano, , 614/644-7613
Sen. Larry Mumper, , 614/466-8049
Sen. Tom Niehaus, , 614/466-8082
Sen. Joy Padgett, , 614/466-8076
Sen. Tom Roberts, , 614/466-6247
Sen. Tom Sawyer, , 614/466-7041
Sen. Tim Schaffer, , 614/466-5838
Sen. Robert Schuler, , 614/466-9737
Sen. Kirk Schuring, , 614/466-0626
Sen. Bill Seitz, , 614/466-8068
Sen. Shirley Smith, , 614/466-4857
Sen. Robert Spada, , 614/466-8056
Sen. Steve Stivers, , 614/466-0101
Sen. Mark Wagoner, , 614/466-8060
Sen. Jason Wilson, , 614/466-6508

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