PFLI Pharmacist of Conscience to give talk at William and Mary College

Columbus, OH -- PFLI Pharmacist of Conscience and labor activist, Neil Noesen, PharmD, will give a presentation at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA on Wednesday, 9 April 2008 at 9 PM.

Noesen recently lost a state court of appeals decision in the matter of his 2002 refusal to dispense a powerful abortifacient steroid pill against the dictates of his religion and conscience. The WI board of pharmacy ruled against him and imposed a draconian fine of $20,000 when he refused to materially cooperate with dispensing or referring for the chemical abortifacient.

For the interim, Noesen's WI license has been revoked. Noesen's lawyer, Tom Brejcha announced after the decision on 25 March, that his client plans to appeal the decision to the WI Supreme Court and, if needed, to the US Supreme Court.

Noesen's talk will deal with the pharmacology and post-fertilization effects of the molecule levonorgestrel, often used as a "emergency abortion" chemical.

For more information contact: Kristin Coyner, Vice President, William and Mary Students for Life, at

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