Kroger "Little Clinics" referring pregnant women to Planned Parenthood

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Columbus, OH -- 21 Aug 2007 AD --Just letting you know some information you might find useful and interesting about Kroger’s “The Little Clinic,” as it is called. I googled it and found one of them on the east side of Columbus, OH. I then called to ask a few questions. The nurse practitioner there told me that all the Kroger “Little Clinics” in Ohio follow much the same procedures, guidelines, and policies. It can vary amongst the Kroger clinics in various states owing to the fact that the medical laws in each state could be different. However, all the Kroger clinics here in Ohio would operate in quite the same manner.

The nurse practitioner did tell me that they do offer pregnancy tests. I asked what they do if the patient who is pregnant would like an abortion referral. She said that the policy of Kroger “Little Clinic” would be to “refer them to Planned Parenthood.” That says it all! Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in this country. Support for Planned Parenthood by Kroger’s “Little Clinic” as evidenced by their referring to Planned Parenthood is exceedingly disturbing. I can guarantee that I would never give a hint to a patient that I would refer to them to such a horrible place. Quite the opposite! I would work my fingers to the bone to get the patient and her parents to a place where she would be nurtured to have the baby that already is growing in her body.

 If Kroger’s is referring patients to Planned Parenthood, it is no wonder they are prospering at the expense of doctors who are still trying to stay in practice while not engaging in such immoral referral patterns. It does say in the Bible that those who do wicked things will prosper on earth and often the people who try to keep to God’s commandments suffer here on earth.

 Praying for the pro-life movement, attending the March for Life in Washington, donating to pro-life lobbying groups, and the like are only one part of supporting the cause of life. If pro-life doctors are left to shift for themselves and ultimately have to quit practice because of the hemorrhage of practices in favor of anti-life clinics like those at Kroger and CVS, it is surely likely that in the future we will be living in a crueler and more anti-life environment for years to come. What a terribly sad legacy to leave to those who will come after us. It will be a colder and crueler world if such patterns continue. I am mostly concerned for those who come after me and those of our families who are much younger. If we have left them a cruel world that has elected to serve the culture of death, I would not blame them if they would think that we left them in a world subject to the cruel slavery of the devil and not in a world of life, happiness, and peace. I hope that we can all meet our loved ones someday and be able to tell them that we did all we could to leave them a world that supported life and that we will not have to apologize to them for leaving them enmeshed in the web of the culture of death.

The pro-abortion and anti-life forces gain a new foothold every day. Now they are on the march to destroy medical practices that are valiantly trying to stay afloat in the field of medicine that every day and every year continues to fall before the sword of the culture of death.

I am sure that you had not known, much less reflected upon, this issue of these clinics’ support of the culture of death. So I don’t blame people for not knowing. It is my job and so I suppose I am blessed to be able to think about these matters more than other people. However, why aren’t the bishops, parishes, priests, Catholic publications, etc. explaining these things to people? They surely have a serious responsibility in this regard.

I hope that this discussion of the issues has provided you with more information to help you know where you would like to obtain medical care, prescriptions, and other medical services for your family and for yourself. If you can spread the word about these matters, that would also be wonderful. It is the calling of all of us who are pro-life to educate our fellow citizens and for that matter our fellow Catholics about these matters. Yes, it’s hard. It requires sacrifice. It is difficult. We will often be rejected and persecuted for proclaiming the truth. However, this is what I think we are all expected to do as Catholics. Spreading the truth is something required of Catholics, not an option. Enduring inconvenience and persecution, spending a little extra time, or even making financial sacrifices are things we all can do to advance the culture of life. Certainly, first and foremost, we should be praying, but there are so many practical day to day things that we all could be doing that currently being left undone. Supporting and promoting pro-life clinics, pharmacies, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and so forth are things all of us can do to ultimately defeat the culture of death. I hope I live to see things go in that direction.

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