Dear friends,

Please call and e-mail the Board of Pharmacy, TODAY and to urge them to:  ( Details to items 1-3 are below.)

1.       OPPOSE the Draft Rule.

2.       Question the validity of the Board's Rule-Making process.   

3.       Question the bias activity at the March 29th Public Hearing

Board of Pharmacy Phone:  360.236.4825

Board Members' E-mails:   "Susan Teil Boyer" <>, "Dan Connolly" <>

Staff E-mails: "Salmi, Lisa (DOH)" <>, "Beebe, Doreen (DOH)" <>, "Fernando, Andres (DOH)" <>, "Fuller, Tim (DOH)" <>, "Mecca, Andrew J (DOH)" <>, "Joyce A. Roper" <>


Pharmacy Update:
The Board of Pharmacy plans to move the rule-making process forward and officially adopt the anti-conscience Draft Rule.  However, due to the many questions raised at the March 29th Board Hearing, regarding the validity of two important documents used in the Board of Pharmacy's Rule-Making process, the Board has re-examined these documents and will hold another meeting to decide whether to officially adopt the anti-conscience Draft Rule or to re-examine the issue.  The purpose of these two documents, the SBEIS and SA, respectively, is to analyze the economic impact the Draft Rule would have on small businesses and to provide supporting evidence for the implementation and need of the Rule.

Consistent and noticeable pro-conscience presence is important at meetings to keep the Board accountable for the continuous overwhelming public support for the right to conscience.  The Board of Pharmacy will meet again:


This Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 9am

Department of Health                                                           Please attend, if possible!

310 Israel Rd. SE - Conf. Room 152/153

Tumwater, WA. 98501


Questionable methods and data used in the Board's rule-making process?

Board of Pharmacy members with a conflict of interest?

 New Board of Pharmacy members, Rosemarie Duffy was a member of the Board of Directors for the Planned Parenthood of the Inland Empire from 1998-2000 and

 Vandana Slatter is currently a NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Board Member.

There will be a Public Hearing to officially confirm new Board Member, Rosemarie Duffy.  This Hearing is open to the public and anyone can testify: 

 Health & Long-Term Care  
             Friday, April 13, 2007 at 8:30am                                                                                            
             Washington State Legislature
             447 John A. Cherberg Building
            Senate Hearing Room 4     
            Olympia, WA 98504-0466

Bias activity at the March 29th Public Hearing?


Those with a conflict of interest composed the proposed rule?

 Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire introduced this proposed rule to the Board of Pharmacy.  Below is an excerpt from the letter she composed regarding her recommendation of the proposed rule. 

 Please note that:

§           Past Board member Donna Dockter, was the only person at the table, who strongly opposed this proposed draft rule.

§           Professor Don Downing is nationally known for educating and training pharmacists and other healthcare providers on Plan B.  In addition to teaching, he works to promote Plan B, nation-wide and is compensated for his work with Plan B.

§           Rod Schafer, CEO of the Association, represented the Washington State Pharmacy Association.  The Association provides courses to pharmacists and other healthcare providers on Plan B.  The Association charges a fee for the courses.  In addition, the CEO has traveled and the Association continues to send staff to promote Plan B.


Why oppose the Draft Rule? 


§           It is impedes the right to conscience for the pharmacist who owns and solely operates a pharmacy.

§           It prevents the starting of future small pharmacy businesses, due to the loss of conscience for the potential pharmacist/owner. 

§           It will cause pharmacies to discriminate against hiring pharmacists with ethical, moral and religious beliefs. 

§           Pharmacies are businesses.  The Board of pharmacy is stepping on boundaries, trying to regulate the business aspect of pharmacies, requiring them to dispense/sell all medications/products they have in stock, on demand. 

§           The market is currently well under control with pharmacies carrying drugs other pharmacies can't or don't want to carry, on-line pharmacies with overnight delivery, etc. 

§           This rule is a threat to public health, safety, and many patients' ability to access medications in a timely manner.  This rule will force a number of pharmacists to have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood (losing their job or license if they don't comply with the proposed rule) and would cause some to leave the profession or close the pharmacy they own, all together.  This would increase the current national shortage of pharmacists and prevent the access of many patients to receive ALL medications that could have been provided by that newly closed pharmacy.  



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