An Open Letter to News

Regarding 'UHS hikes birth control prices' (Friday, April 6, 2007):

Articles such as this, exemplify the attitudes of people who have grown to expect that their recreational activity should be subsidized by other people, and that this is their human right.

The cost of cheap drugs for one group of individuals is offset by the cash paying purchasers (those without drug coverage) who pay the highest price for their medications.  Apparently the people at Princeton believe that it's social justice for the lower middle class and working poor be subsidizing birth control pills for their students.

The purpose of the legislation to regulate these drug prices is to discourage the multi tier drug pricing structure which has been such a burden to my patients, many of whom need schedule their medication purchases with their pay days.  It's time for people to cover the costs of their own recreational activity.

Karen Brauer, MS, RPh

Lawrenceburg, IN

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