Open Letter to Wal Mart Management

To Wal Mart management:

Planned Parenthood can possibly attempt to sue Wal mart for failing to 
stock the morning after pill.  However it cannot obtain the big 
financial judgments and out-sized punitive damages possible in other 
types of lawsuits which have plagued Wal mart.

To anyone who reads this, those large damages payed out when Wal mart 
loses a lawsuit affect your own salary, and the ability to get jobs done 
with sufficient number of employees available.

I am not among these whacko Wal mart haters who cannot tolerate success 
on a large scale. Rather, I  am sad to see Wal mart , along with the other pharmacy chains, 
committing health care suicide by means of the morning after pill.
Two things to remember:  Lawyers are numerous and hungry.  The shame has 
gone out of abortion, both surgical and chemical.

Because of this, the abortionists are now being sued by their female 
victims (sometimes called patients).  This is a fairly new phenomenon.  
Also the pharmaceutical manufacturers of abortion drugs and birth 
control pills are being sued for damages suffered by patients who have 
used the drugs.

The morning after pill is marketed under false representation of its 
safety and efficacy.  Analysts have concluded that it is no more 
effective than the withdrawal method of birth control.   In addition, 
those selling the MAP over the counter to men will be open to the same 
nature of lawsuits to which those selling guns have been subjected.  
There will be liability for abuse of the drug.  Drugs of this class are  
very popular with sex offenders and child abusers world wide.
The drug is not well tested in the younger populations who will be 
receiving it.  Liability of exogenous hormones for all women is becoming 
more and more apparent.

Lastly, from my own experience in your pharmacies and others,  people do 
not prefer to buy their treatments for STDs at their usual community 
pharmacy.  It is probable  that the identification requirement, and the 
possibility of counseling will continue to make MAP a slow mover at most 
of the Walmart locations.  Planned Parenthood will continue to obtain 
MAP at a cost of ~$5.00 and sell it at retail for about $40, a thing not possible 
for other pharmacy retailers.  

In order to continue the fearful response 
to Planned Parenthood, Walmart may decide to stock MAP in excess of the 
usual use pattern to avoid ever being out of stock, and attend to the 
utilization or return of short dated stock. No such standard  of a 
need-to-stock  applies to the life saving drugs. It will be interesting 
to see how far the fear of Planned Parenthood will drive the pharmacy 
retailers, and how much financial liability they are able to assume as a 

Hoping that Wal mart wakes up to its bottom line pretty soon.  
Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh