Note:  Supporters who may belong to a supportive faith community or Church, please encourage their involvement.  For our Catholic supporters, please be aware that the attached flyer has been approved by the Washington State Catholic Conference for distribution at your parishes.  Please contact your Pastor, if you would like to distribute these flyers in your bulletins, at Church events, etc.  Please encourage your Pro-life groups to join our efforts!  Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. 


Dear friends,

The right to conscience for Washington pharmacists is in the final stages of being denied! Shall extremists hijack our profession??!!
Are we slaves to the anti-life whims of a small minority??

Please make every effort to attend the Board of Pharmacy Public Testimony Rules Hearing on Thursday, March 29th at 9:15AM PST in
Renton, WA.                      
****Flyer attached with more details****

If the Draft Rule becomes official it...

Your prayers and presence are needed! 


A national effort to silence conscience was started by certain interest groups and   However, these groups & the media have portrayed the issue to be about Plan B (a.k.a. scientifically incorrect euphemisms "morning-after-pill" or "emergency contraception").  Despite excess accessibility of Plan B, via Planned Parenthood or internet overnight delivery, dispensing at hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics, pharmacies, high schools, & its recent approval to be sold Over-The-Counter (without a physician's prescription), these groups are trying to impose their will on WA pharmacists to dispense Plan B, on demand, without question or any kind of professional personal judgment.


The manufacturer states that Plan B can prevent implantation (of the human embryo to the womb), thus, causing a chemical abortion.  Current Washington State Law states, that no person may be required, in any circumstances to participate in the performance of an abortion, if such person objects to so doing.  Furthermore, no person may be discriminated against in employment because of the person's refusal to participate in the termination. (RCW 9.02.150) 

Action Needed:

The WA State Board of Pharmacy composed a Draft Rule that impinges on this right, for WA pharmacists.  However, before this Draft can become official, a Hearing needs to be held, to consider public concerns regarding this Draft. 

Come, support us in NUMBERS at this Hearing, whether or not you testify.

WHO?  Presence of all supportive family & friends, whether or not they testify.

HOW?  Sign-In at the door.  To testify, indicate on the sign-in sheet.  Sample testimonies available, please contact us.

Washington Board of Pharmacy Public Rules Hearing
Thursday, March 29, 2007
Renton Community Center
1715 Maple Valley Highway
Renton, WA 98059


REJECT the Draft Rule proposal & SUPPORT a pharmacist's right to follow his/her conscience.


Unable to come?  Submit comments via e-mail: wsbop@doh.wa.gov, fax:
(360) 586-4359, www3.doh.wa.gov/policyreview  or  www.HumanRightToConscience.com


More Information at:   www.HumanRightToConscience.com 1 Questions? Contact HumanRightToConscience@yahoo.com

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