Subject: Dispensing Plan B: Choice or Compulsion? - Pharmacist Decides to Opt Out
From: PFLI PharmAid Center
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 19:06:54 -0500

CBR Midwest
Thanks to Midwest CBR for this Wal Mart today and SUPPORT Pharmacist of Conscience Brian Beams! What about 'choice' for pharmacists with a conscience??

CBR Midwest
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Dispensing Plan B: Choice or Compulsion? - Pharmacist Decides to Opt Out
Columbus, OH – January 18, 2007 – The Center for Bio Ethical Reform (CBR), a non profit education foundation, is standing with Brain J. Beams, a pharmacist from Urbana, OH, in his decision to refuse to dispense the abortifacient (chemical abortion) Plan B to Wal-Mart customers. Plan B is a high dose of the birth control pill taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Not only can it kill little human persons early in pregnancy, but Plan B can lead to an increase in STDs, and AIDs
Last August, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved over-the-counter status for the Plan B abortifacient for women 18 and older.
The fact is: Now, Planned Parenthood is attempting force others to kill babies.  So much for "choice,” heh? 
Click on this linkto read the terribly biased story of a un married couple who visited a Wal-Mart pharmacy in Springfield, OH and upon demanding Plan B were met with a pharmacist who takes the principle of “doing no harm” seriously. 
In 2005 alone, Planned Parenthood likely caused more than one million chemical abortions using Plan B. Estimates are as high as over 200 million chemical abortions have occurred in the US since abortifacients were made legal over 40 years ago.
Stand with Brian Beams! 
Contact Wal-Mart and thank them for allowing pharmacist’s who work for them to refuse to dispense chemical killing agents like Plan B.
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For more on Conscience Clause Legislation which would protect folks like Brian Beams from attacks by Planned Parenthood and others contact Pharmacists for Life. 
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