Attached is the NM Board of Pharmacy complaint against pro-life pharmacist Manuel Rodriguez.
Manuel is a humble and faithful family man and pharmacist who, using the mandated
counseling requirements of OBRA 90, inter alia, counselled a woman on the dangers and
hazards of the high dose steroids, often abortifacient, in so-called oral "contraceptives".

His hearing is next Tues Jan 16, 2007.

ACTION ITEM: Kindly let your readers/members/contacts/friends/family know about this injustice and to contact the NM Board of Pharmacy for a cease and desist of harrassing this
pro-life pharmacist for expressing his rights of conscience and religion. Please phone, email or
fax the NM Board at the numbers below, with a firm but polite message in your own words.

Pray for the deliverance of Manuel, and all Pharmacists of Conscience, from the oppressive
tyrrany rising in the land against pharmacists who resist using the gift of medications
to harm or destroy human life.

William Harvey, RPh
Executive Director
NM Board of Pharmacy
5200 Oakland Ave NE Ste A
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone: (505)222-9830

Fax: (505)222-9845

Toll Free: (800)565-9102


Please contact me below for any other info.
Bo Kuhar, PharmD
Exec. Director PFLI