A pharmacist-physician-professor speaks out against the “Scarlet Letter” Law

signed recently into law by CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I was trained as a pharmacist and practiced pharmacy during medical school.  I think that members of both professions should object to prescribing and filling prescriptions for oral contraceptives and other abortifacient drugs on MEDICAL grounds as well as ethical or religious ones. For those hard-hearted individuals who do not want to hear about medical ethics or moral principles, perhaps they might listen to medical concerns.

These drugs harm women and kill the other patient (the embryo).  Women taking oral contraceptives have a higher incidence of breast and cervical cancer in addition to a host of other complications.  Physicians and pharmacists want to place both the physical and spiritual well-being of our patients ahead of blind political agendas characterized by insipid slogans. 

We should design our own signs and arm bands that say "We put you, our patient, first.  We want what is best for your health."  Natural family planning (NFP) is highly effective and has only one known side effect--it strengthens marriages.

Leonard P. Rybak, BS (Pharmacy), MD, PhD
Professor of Surgery
Southern Illinois University
School of Medicine
Springfield, IL 62794-9653

28 Sept 2006