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1. Since the morning after pill will soon be available over the counter do you think that this increase the amount of people having unprotected sex?

It may give young women a false sense of security and could contribute to increase
sexual promiscuity, STDs and pregnancies. That remains to be seen.

2. Is the morning after pill seen as a type of abortion?

It is an abortifacient 75-89% of the time in studies conducted by the manufacturer and reputable sources on other high dose steroids used for chemical abortion under the misnomer of "morning after pill".

3. Do you think big pharmucetical companies are just looking to make a profit?

All businesses have the primary goal of profit, as you will learn when you get a job in the real world. Otherwise, they go out of business and workers, like yourself, find themselves unemployed.

4. Do you think the pill being available over the counter encourages kids to have sex at a younger age?

Possibly, there are no studies on that, but there are studies showing promiscuity has gone up in the UK since emergency abortion went OTC and that STDs also have gone up.

5. How do you feel about it only being available to women 18 years or older?

We don't "feel" on such important issues, rather we think. This high powered steroid is dangerous to women of all ages, especially those under aged who are just developing physically and who may be being sexually abused or victims of rape or incest. Plan B goin OTC would protect such predators.

6. Around what age women have used Plan B the most? College kids? Women in their 30's?

You need to check with Barr as to those statistics.

7. What affected the FDA decision to finally make Plan B available over the counter?

I would point you to the quotes around Dr VonEschenbach. He is the FDA interim chief.

8. Do you think the price of the pill will go up since it will be easier to purchase?

You need to ask Barr that. Historically, Rx drugs going to OTC status have dropped in price, but this is an unusual situation with a non-prescription pharmacist-controlled distribution plan. Conversely, it also means that it will probably be a cash-only product and most health plans will not cover it under prescription drug benefits. Policies will vary from employer to employer and PBM to PBM.

9. Now that Plan B will be over the counter do you think the number of unwanted babies and teen pregnancies will decrease?

No, it will probably go up, based on the discussion above, hopefully you can quote that in context.
Plan B will account for thousands more chemical abortions as an OTC product or an Rx-only product.
Barr stated recently that it sold around 500,000 units annually, so based on Barr's studies, approximately 375000-445000 babies died from chemical abortion last year.  Bottom line is: women are needlessly (and quite possibly repeatedly) exposed to known carcinogens and preborn babies will die or also be exposed to those carcinogens if they should somehow survive. We may very well see a wave of Vioxx-like lawsuits in the near future when the truth of the dangers of drugs like Plan B
come to sad fruition.

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I am a student at the University of Florida and am in a reporting class that helps to prepare future journalists by having them write news articles every week.

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