That the FDA has erroneously chosen to make Plan B available over the counter does not change the issue for pro-life medical professionals.

The drug's mechanism of action has not changed.   It still owes a major portion of its efficacy to the mechanism of killing the early human embryo prior to implantation (Medical Letter, Feb 1989).   It remains a large dose of  a progesterone analog, which is not an extremely effective means of birth control.

Only a shift towards a more irresponsible attitude towards women's health has occurred with this FDA decision.   The trauma of rape or abuse has been trivialized, and accepted as so routine that it may be treated in a discount department store setting without privacy, or a proper physical exam and referral for needed social support services.

Dispensing the “morning after” pill is under government coercion in Illinois, and the NY Civil Liberties Union is seeking punishment for pharmacists whose clinical judgment was that emergency treatment with large doses of hormones should not have refills.  

Elsewhere, the liberals have fought to remove clinical/ethical judgment from the prescribing and dispensing of this, and related drugs.  Bearing these facts  in mind, the FDA has all but placed the “morning after” pill out on the shelf with the condoms.

The attitude of  liberals and many Washington politicians, that women are merely a sexual utility, has been made a bit more obvious.

Really, only women, and those who love them can run these abusers out of business.

Karen Brauer, MS, RPh