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Sundry Goods

Here you'll find various items which are soft goods related to the work and apostolate of PFLI. You'll want to let your friends and family know your pro-life commitment with several of these items. Some of these items are appropriate as gifts for various occassions including birthdays, Christmas, holidays, anniversaries and the like

Precious Feet 
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Precious Feet pins, gold, each

The classic pro-life symbol suitable for any lapel, suit, dress or shirt, saying it all with the replica of a baby's perfectly formed toes at 10 weeks gestation.


Mantle Clock 
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Elegant mantle clock with the PFLI logo

Elegant mantle clock with the PFLI logo on it, great as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, any occassion. This timepiece can be yours for a donation of $20 to PFLI.


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