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Who's at the Centre of Your Marriage: the Pill or Christ?

by Patrick McCrystal, MPSNI, MPSI

McCrystal, a pharmacist by training, has been leading the HLI branch in Ireland for many years and is well versed in scientific aspects of the Pill as well as foundational Catholic teachings on marriage and contraception.

The book is a clear, cogent look at the connection between contraception, abortion and the decimation of many marriages and what it means to pharmacists and all health professionals.

In 1993, McCrystal decided his conscience would no longer allow him to dispense the abortifacient Pill, and he stopped doing so. For that he was blackballed in the pharmacy community in Ireland and could not fgind work for 3 years.

Read his compelling story and the various rationales and statistics he shows in why contraception is deadly to a marriage where the unitive and procreative reasons for marriage are separated.