US Army Health Clinic Baumholder

UNIT 23809

APO AE 09034



MCEU 28 November 2006

MEMORANDUM FOR Baumholder Health Clinic Staff

SUBJECT: Emergency Contraception at Baumholder Health Clinic

1. PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for distribution of emergency contraception to patients at Baumholder Health Clinic.

2. GENERAL: Plan B (Levonorgestrel) is an emergency contraceptive drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of pregnancy after a contraceptive failure or unprotected sex. The drug has been approved by the FDA as both a prescription and over the counter (OTC) product with specific age restrictions: individuals 17 years of age and under will require a prescription, while those 18 years of age and older can obtain the drug without a prescription from a pharmacy as an OTC drug product.

2. APPLICABILITY: This SOP applies to all medical personnel assigned to US Army Health Clinc Baumholder.

3. REFERENCES: OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 06-035 “Prescribing, Dispensing, and Distributing of Plan B (Levonorgestrel).


a. Plan B is available at Baumholder Health Clinic in each treatment room medication cart.

b. Team 1 and Team 2 floor nurse will coordinate with Baumholder Clinic Supply Sergeant to ensure adequate stock of Plan B on each treatment room medication cart.

c. A patient who is older than 18 years of age who requests emergency contraception will be directed to Team 1 or Team 2 nurses station. The nurse may interview the patient and if it has been within 72 hours of failed contraception or unprotected sex the nurse may dispense Plan B from the treatment room medication cart. The nurse will then document the encounter as “Plan B dispensed to patient who is over 18 and is within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse or failed contraception” as a nursing encounter. Patients who present with other concerns, fall out of the 72 hour window, are younger than 18, or who have received two packs of Plan B within 6 months will be referred to a healthcare provider for further management, counseling, and care. If the nurse chooses not to dispense Plan B, then he/she may also refer to a provider for further management.

d. This policy and procedure shall remain in effect for all patients of the Baumholder Health Clinic until rescinded or updated by the Chief of Clinics.