The Board of Pharmacy HIGHLY values public comments.

Involve EACH of your supportive family members and friends!!
PLEASE come to support us in numbers even if you do not
plan to speak at the meeting.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time:  TBA

CenterPoint Corporate Park
    Creekside Bldg #3 – 2nd Floor
20435 72nd Ave
Kent, WA 98032
253- 395-6719     
For directions click

A healthcare professional?  

We need
you here!!  If willing to speak at the meeting or
know someone who is, please
contact us.

Voice YOUR concerns:  

Your comments DO make a difference!  The public is usually allowed to make
a two minute comment per person at this meeting, either
during the Board's
discussion on this issue
or after their meeting, during the "Open Forum"  Letters
or supplementary information may also be submitted to the Board.

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Washington State Board of Pharmacy
Meeting Details
Protecting the  right to live and act according to one’s conscience

Human RIght To Conscience

P.O. Box 59832
Seattle, WA 98058

HEREIf the Board allows public comment DURING their discussion on this issue,
please follow the following
Meeting Ground Rules:

•  Must be recognized (called on) by the Board Chair, to speak
•  State name and affiliation (i.e. concerned citizen, R.Ph., student)
•  Avoid talking while others are speaking, personal attacks
    or accusations;
•  Do not repeat comments made by others; and
•  Respect the
2 minute time limit that the Board Chair designates
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