Our History

Human Right To Conscience was formed on February 6, 2006 in response to
the persistent pressures of interest groups wanting to take away the Right to
Conscience from pharmacists in Washington state.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the Right to Conscience.  Currently, our focus is on
the pharmacy profession as the right to conscience of Washington state
pharmacists is being threatened.  Also, our mission is to empower the public to
become actively involved in the issue by informing them about the real facts
surrounding the right to conscience, this specific issue in Washington state,
and how the public can get involved.  This issue is about any Professional
being able to exercise his/her Right to Conscience!!

Our Funding

Due to the new beginnings of our organization, we have been supported by
our close friends.  Thus, our resources and the work we have been able to
produce has been limited.  To support our efforts, please
make a donation.  
With the little that we have, no donation is too small.  

Contact Us

Human Right To Conscience
P.O. Box 59832
Seattle, WA 98058

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About Us
Protecting the  right to live and act according to one’s conscience

Human RIght To Conscience

P.O. Box 59832
Seattle, WA 98058

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