Welcome to Pharmacists for Life International!

Our motto is: "Let the Gift of Medicines promote Life, not destroy Life!"
All other rights depend upon LIFE! Pharmacists For Life International is the only pharmacy association which is exclusively pro-life, something no other pharmacy organization can say (or would have the courage to say!). PFLI is a worldwide apostolate of thousands of pharmacists, plus hundreds of other health professionals, pharmacy students, interns, pharmacy technicians, and the public, in the USA, Canada and worldwide. We are represented on six of the seven continents, with active regional coordinators in many states and nations.

 PFLI's mission is to make pharmacy once again a life-saving profession, a mooring from which it has drifted. As part of this commitment, PFLI is actively involved in educating pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other health professionals; educating the general public; serving pregnancy care centers; defending and promoting pharmacist and others' rights of conscience, providing an economical speakers bureau; providing pharmaceutical cognitive services and consulting services; offering a toll-free contact phone number; providing on-line Internet services and e-mail services; and providing many other benefits for members and non-members, pharmacists, lay persons, pharmacy students and technicians.

PFLI was founded in Cleveland, OH by four pharmacists of conscience. PFLI's founding statement from May 1984 states: "PFLI defends, upholds and protects the sanctity of all human life from moment of creation to death, regardless of age, manner of creation, biological stage, handicap or place of residence."

MEDIA NOTE: There is limited radio and TV interview availability; due to rigorous professional work schedules, sufficient advance notice is required by calling 740-881-5520 or by e-mail. PFLI reserves the right to select any and all interview opportunities as well as screening and editing of content in advance of broadcast or any distribution via print or electronically. For those who wish a reasonable opportunity of an interview, questions should be sent to the above email in advance.

Without exception, any call backs to media inquiries will be on a "collect call" basis only, or toll free, if the latter is available.

PFLI reserves all rights and prerogatives to post responses to such interviews on its website and publications without exception to preserve the integrity, context and veracity of quoted material.

PFLI, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules. For tax guidance on dues, donations and any assistance given to PFLI, please consult your tax advisor.

Pharmacists For Life International welcomes pharmacists from all facets of our profession, pharmacy students, other organizations, non-pharmacists, and all who love life, to join us in our dedication and perseverance in promoting respect for the sanctity of all human life from the moment of creation to death.

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